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Are you a property owner?

Advertise your property for rent or for sale DIRECTLY to an ever growing Russian market

We offer property owners and agencies the opportunity to advertise their properties for rent or sale directly to Russian clients. Russia is one of the largest growing online travel markets in the world. With a vast population and strong economy, this market is ideal for those who want to generate extra income from their property rental or secure a property sale through a new and vibrant market!

Prices for advertising start
from £25 per year

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Just complete a registration form, select your package (IGNORE payment requests) and we will contact you with passwords for entering your personal dashboard

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Received less than 15 enquiries a year, get one extra year of advertising for FREE!

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If you are planning to advertise more than 15 listings you might be able to get an access to
an XML feed system (on special request)

Why we are different

1. We specialise in the Russian market

2. We have ten years of trading in Russia

3. We offer Verified accounts

4. Access to booking documents

5. We give full support to owners & clients

6. We offer easy access to customer helpline

Why advertise in Russia?

1.The largest country in the world

2. Strong economy

3. Middle class - 68%

4. Ever growing travel market

5. $36 billion last year spent on travelling



     Х Vast catchment area
     Х Clients contact you directly
     Х No more inflated prices
     Х No more relying on agents


       & Great marketing tools!

How to start

          1. Register

          2. Select your package

          3. Get password from us

          4. Access dashboard

          5. Upload your listing

          6. Start receiving enquiries


New properties
from EUR 7200 p/w
Villa in Sardinia
from EUR 12500 p/w
Villa in Porto Cervo
from EUR 7800 p/w
Villa in Porto Cervo
from EUR 13000 p/w
Villa in Porto Cervo

Featured properties

EUR 1 450 000
Boutic hotel in Sosua
from EUR 8000 p/w
Villa in Tenerife
EUR 700 000
Villa in Lefkada
EUR 620 000
Villa in Spain
from EUR 7200 p/w
Villa in Sardinia
from CHF 5980 p/w
Penthouse for rent in Verbier
from CHF 6500 p/w
Penthouse for rent in Verbier

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New advertiser
Piramidina Liudmila

Company: CasaNuova
Tel: 3318654167
Mob : +393318654167
Language : русский, италь€нский.

from USD 13000 p/w
Villa for rent in Antigua
from USD 16500 p/w
Villa in Grand Case, Saint Martin
from USD 10000 p/w
Villa in Baie Rouge, Saint Martin

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